Update For Communications – Jun 2024 – Online Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous

Report for Communications Committee - Jun 2024

OIAA Communication Committee

Created January 2023 (Ad Hoc)

Standing granted  February 11, 2024

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Mission Statement: The Communications Committee increases group participation through the

creation of scheduled surveys (using information from OIAA’s standing committees), increase

OIAA’s voting membership through the production of educational videos (also serving the

standing committees) and maintain consistency in written communications across OIAA.

OIAA: Your Online Lifeline



June 15,2024

Getting started in January 2023 we:

Created welcome Letters for Committees that requested them.

Created surveys that would allow OIAA to find AAs who could serve OIAA as:

Translators and interpreters in Spanish, French and American Sign Language

     Thanks to Sandra, Maria, Manuel, Norma, and all.

Found creative talent to design and produce OIAA videos, write scripts

     Thanks to Jeanine, Laurie, Dave W, Nancy, Roy, Jules, Nancy, Gary W, Lynda B and all)

Found AAs with writing talent to create documents for OIAA committees and the Board.

Found AAs with experience in document management for creating a Communications Gdrive.

We evolved to:

Proofread the OIAA Websites.

Coordinated with the new Website Development team to ensure that ALL OIAA documents reflect the style of the website.

Developed more surveys…

Created high quality videos that be found on the OIAA YouTube

channel here:

https://www.youtube.com/@AA-IntergroupOIAA Communication Committee

We Developed:

Templates for written documents, emails and Power Point

presentations using website style font and colors.

We created:

Workflow that allows for all projects developed by the OIAA

Communications Committee to be reviewed by as many OIAA members as possible.

A Philosophy that requires that as many voices be included in those projects to represent the multitude of AA voices.

Through a 3 month survey process determined the Slogan for OIAA: OIAA: Your Online Lifeline

Currently we:

Make virtual and virtually free videos WITH not FOR committees.

     Thanks to Randy

Produce visually cohesive documents that internally and externally reinforces the unity of the OIAA organization by using templates and style aspects that align with the OIAA website.

Make flyers, emails blasts and brochures for OIAA events: IGR Forums, Safety forums, Assemblies and other committee projects.

Format, edit, proofread Power Point presentations and other documents produced by the OIAA Board and committees.

Are creating the OIAA Archives Thanks to Paul M

Research copyright law to insure that OIAA is not vulnerable to legal action.

Research new technology to aid in the work of all OIAA committees.

Currently we are:

Making short videos to help OIAA committee chairs and the Board make more effective use of the Google Workspace.

Working to make all OIAA publications easily accessible to ALL AAs. This includes:

Using font size and color to make documents easier to read for AA with visual impairments.

Incorporating ASL interpretation on OIAA videos (working on it).

Using simple language that is more easily translatable in documents and videos.

Using graphics to convey meaning across languages.

Designing informational materials and a short video for OIAA interpreters who are not familiar with AA language.

Thank you for letting us be of service

This presentation was created and developed by the Video subcommittee of the

Communications Committee for the Online Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous – the OIAA

For more information about the Communications Committee, please our webpage at


The OIAA Communications Committee meets on the 3rd Sunday of the month at 1;15pm

EDT/EST (Eastern US time).

Our committee and Video sub committees are looking for volunteers.

To be added to our mailing list for meeting reminders and other information or to volunteer for

one of our subcommittees, please send an email to Lesliee A. communications.chair@aa-


OIAA: Your Online Lifeline


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