Update For 12-steppers – May 2024 – Online Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous

Report for 12 Steppers Committee - May 2024

Report for 12 Steppers Committee – May 2024

This is a report of inquiries and replies for the Steppers Committee for May 2024. Requests were down a little from last May, 275 TY vs. 348 from LY but Stepper Replies/Request were considerably with more Steppers handling fewer inquiries.. Looks like we heard from 20+ countries.

Steppers Statistics and Comparisons for April

Steppers Statistics 2024 – May
Total Steppers Replies 1069
Total Requests 275
Duplicates 19
Individual Requests 1050
Replies per Request 3.82
Steppers Statistics 2023 – May
Total Steppers Replies 926
Total Requests 351
Duplicates 3
Individual Requests 348
Replies per Request 2.66

Requests Distributions 

Requests Distribution
Get Help Button 39
Contact Us 16
Join OIAA 220

  Country Count 

Canada 26
China 1
Colombia 2
Deutschland 1
El Salvador 1
France 3
Ghana 1
India 6
Nigeria 1
Other Country 3
Poland 1
Please Choose… 1
Portugal 1
South Africa 48
Spain 1
Switzerland 1
Uganda 1
United Kingdom 7
USA 160
Grand Total 258

As usual, we had A LOT of great appreciation from grateful requestors who asked for help this month – (Please call it out to us when you get these kinds of comments from your inquirers)

– Thank you! These are great resources and there is much to read and learn. Unfortunately, I’m in a very rural place in Michigan that I need to drive 30 minutes to get internet connectivity. I am parked outside the towns public library that has wifi. … This tech stuff is more difficult than not drinking! 🙂

-Thank you for your help, Mary!

-Thanks so very much for your help!

 -Thank you so much for your kind words. They give me hope especially when I feel so bad right now. And thank you for the link. I’ll attend a meeting this morning. 

 -Thank you for responding to my email. and also thank you for sharing your story with me. I have just attended my first online AA meeting tonight, and I am going to take it one day at a time.

 -Thank you for the link! I think I’ll join. Do you have to share your screen? I look pretty sick right now, lol. Drinking for days on end then trying not to drink. I’ve now gone 7 hours. So sick, lol.


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