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Chair Report Archive

Chair Report - 05 Sep 2023

September 2023 Chair’s Report:  From where I serve…. And so, another month of service to our groups…. Your vice chair and I are attending committee meetings; the committee chairs have met with the board. Officers… Read More

Chair Report - 25 Aug 2023

Two topics are in this report: the first deals with our service committees and how our service to you deals with the 9th Tradition-…” directly responsible to those they serve;” and how your service to… Read More

Chair Report - 31 Jul 2023

In the past month we have had to pivot and find our way back to institutional unity to serve the myriad of groups we are privileged to list on OIAA.  An example of this pivot… Read More

Chair Report - 17 Jun 2023

On 8 May, the Chair contacted me about grievances she had received against her.  She recused herself from the May board meeting and asked me to investigate per the Decorum section of the existing guidelines.  The Board… Read More

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