minutes – May 2024 – Online Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous

Minutes for 12 May 2024


Susan R., Chair

Vacant., Vice Chair

Jennifer B., Treasurer

Jeff B. Secretary

Mark M., Technology Chair

Beth A., International Trustee

Barry M., Applicant for At Large role

Anita M., Candidate for Alternate Secretary

Susan R., the Chair, called the meeting to order, asked for introductions for the minutes and then opened the meeting with a moment of silence and the Serenity Prayer at 2:05 pm EST.

Overview of Agenda: Minutes, Secretary and Treasurer Reports, No Old Business, New Business

Meeting Minutes Approval:  

  • April 14, 2024, minutes: Jeff noted he was not at the meeting and reviewed them.
    • Comments: Jennifer asked if minutes were uploaded to website. Jeff will make sure those are updated as the back minutes are uploaded to the website.
    • Motion: Susan asked for a motion to approve the minutes. Beth made a motion to approve minutes; Mark seconded. No further discussion.
  • March 10, 2024, minutes: Jeff noted these were previously reviewed and there were concerns regarding the organization of the minutes. Jeff made organizational updates to the minutes and outlined those adjustments.
    • Comments: Susan asked that the minutes reflect Jan’s report on Dual Diagnosis was read into the minutes and the report is in Google Drive.
    • Motion: Susan asked for a motion to accept. Mark made a motion to accept the minutes and Beth made a second to accept the motion. No opposing acceptance.

Secretary Report– Jeff B. Secretary:

  • The secretary does not send a report out every month.
  • An alternate secretary candidate has been found and is in attendance. Anita has been in orientation and is attending this meeting today.
  • Progress on backlog of meeting minutes. Spread sheet tracking the backlog has been uploaded to the folder. Some pre-approved and others are going to be dealt with later. Hope to have cleaned up before the next combined Board of Directors (BOD) meeting in July. The Executive March meeting was not completed before this meeting. He will have those ready for the June Executive meeting. Susan asked Jeff to have all his minutes during his term to be available in the BOD Google drive (BOD drive) in the Secretary folder as well as posted to the website after approval.
    • Comments: Jennifer asked for the status of the July and August 2023 minutes, Jeff identified the July are being prepared from Susan’s minutes and the August were approved as well as in the BOD drive. Susan states she and the BOD needs access to approved minutes. The secretary is responsible in placing approved minutes on a yearly basis in the Board folder named: Approved Minutes. Both BOD and Assembly approved minutes will be placed in the appropriate folders. Both sets of minutes are the most requested documents.
  • Status of the Membership Poll: Started at the end of December and went into January. The 2023 membership poll had 172 responses, generating a current quorum of 43 for the June Assembly. In January, the BOD approved an annual poll in the month of June moving forward. Planning getting underway.
    • Comments: Mark asked Jeff to set up a time to meet on getting the survey out.
  • Board Book: Previous volunteer will not be able to assist. Need to update documents and then maintain it moving forward. Progress on this project will be undertaken by Jeff and alternate secretary. Possibly be maintained moving forward by alternate secretary.
  • Insurance Renewals: Renewed Directors and Officers Insurances from US LI April 1 to April 1, 2025, paid slightly higher than last year at $576 ($540 last year) and both policies will be added to the Board Book. Effective May 8, 2024, the new General Liability insurance through Hiscox, not professional insurance, $346 premium. Creating a separate insurance folder specifically for those documents.
    • Comments: Jennifer would be interested in reviewing the policy on both. Once Jeff uploads those insurances to the Board folder, he will email the board.

Treasurer’s Report – Jennifer B., Treasurer

  • April Income Statement: April highest revenue generating month since inception. Income is a just over $9,700 PY. Expenses: $570 and described. Net income a little over $7,000.
  • Budget Variance: Compared to budget we are in black by $19,000 year to date. Mentioned special projects not being spent on yet.
    • Comments: Mark has meetings in place to start work on special projects. Regarding revenue, he feels it is great. To his knowledge we have never practiced 7th tradition at workshops or events. Susan asked what the special projects were. The special project is related to membership directory.
  • Balance Sheet: Cash just over $122,000 with $5,500 earmarked for OIAA International Convention.
  • Contributions: Continue to get higher group contributions as groups grow. 62 groups contributed for the month of April.
    • Comments: Susan asked if the quarterly month is why April is so large? Jennifer noted 3, 6, 9 and 12 are the worst and the rest of the months trend higher. It is how she budgets for the year.

Travel Discussion and Attending ICOAA: Jeff B., Secretary/Susan, Chair:

Background: Susan asked this item to be placed on the agenda with the Treasurers report of the Financials. Jeff was preparing to set up his approved budgeted travel at $1,500 for ICOAA conference in Las Vegas, NV. He did seek guidance on how budgeted travel worked. He believes it will cost more due to the location only. He stated Susan had $1,700 allocated in the budget for her attendance. He is requesting his travel to the conference be increased by an additional $200 (unbudgeted).

Discussion: Jennifer noted Susan’s budget for 2024 is not $1,700 in 2024 it is $1,500. Jennifer inquired about specifics of Jeff’s travel, and then noted her experience around travel. Jennifer questions led more discussion to whether the travel selected was more of a preference instead of prudent due to the funds being approved at $1500. Jennifer noted, the Guidelines state the Board can vote on items under $500. In this case, Jennifer requested the question to be brought to the Assembly. Jeff stated the Guidelines give him directions to ask for a vote here.

  • A motion was made by Jeff for the Board to approve an increase of $200 to his travel line for the ICOAA conference. Mark made the motion. No second to the motion. Instead, heavy discussion ensued. The language of the topic changed from Travel Discussion and Attending ICOAA Conference to Unbudgeted $200 Travel Increase Request.

Unbudgeted $200 Travel Increase Request Discussion: Jennifer asked for the worksheet Jeff had prepared which led him to ask for the increase for better understanding. Beth asked additionally, how attendance benefits OIAA and especially the international groups. Mark called a point of order regarding OIAA attending the conference, clarifying the Assembly approved both the budget and the attendance. Beth clarified the approved budget approved attendance does not change to OIAA those are two separate items.

  • Jeff made a motion to approve the unbudgeted $200 travel increase for the secretary and seconded by
    • The vote of the majority passes the motion (3-2). Visitors cannot vote.
      • Minority opinion noted: Beth looking for more information before Board discussions in the future.
    • Motion from Jennifer to bring this to the Assembly as this is not an unanimity vote. Beth seconds the motion.
      • Discussion: Susan stated there will be no time at Assembly. Mark noted that if he were an Assembly member and saw a $200 request come to the Assembly when the BOD has the approval power, he would wonder about the BOD itself. Jennifer stated she has a fiduciary responsibility and Mark stated they all do.
      • Vote on Motion: Susan asked for those in favor of bringing the $200 unbudgeted request to the Assembly, 3 opposed the vote out of 5. Susan stated this took more time than expected and it reflected a disunity of the Board. Beth stated this is the reason for the Inventory. Jennifer stated she is supposed to bring forward this item to the Assembly in her report.
      • Motion declined: by majority of BOD.

New Business:

  1. Service Positions/Candidates:
  • Alt Secretary Anita M. 1/15/1991 Upstate New York: currently secretary for the Eye-Openers Online group in New Orleans. She has also acted as a greeter, coffee maker, secretary with the district for a minute, group treasurer, Area interpreter for a few workshops, alternate GSR, secretary now. Professionally has worked into CEO roles, currently a COO of a National Company. Served on several BODS and specifically a nonprofit recovery agency where she had been a newcomer about 10 years 15 years prior. Has developed bylaws for multiple nonprofits, served as a Governance chair, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. Has made a conscious decision with her sponsor on engaging in online meetings as a mainstay of her recovery and in turn will do her service in that environment.
  • Board Trustee At Large Candidate: Barry presented his service resume to the group, and it was screen shared by Susan. Highlights of his extensive resume include sober service chair of group meeting, secretary, treasurer and GSR of District 28. Archivist, DCM until they could find a new one, attended Area meetings where he worked on Finance Committee, State Conference Operating Committee, State Service Manual for Northern Illinois. In 2016 he started attending meetings via Zoom in OIAA. He had been an online member through Yahoo groups in the late 90’s. Registered his Zoom group with OIAA and became familiar with the issues of the OIAA then. Asked to be of service using his experience with nonprofits, to help resolve issues. Was a secretary for OIAA and watched the progress out of the issues that plagued the larger OIAA.
    • Susan stated the Board would not discuss the two candidates now. Barry thanked the group and left the meeting.
    • Jeff asked if it was okay to offer Anita the alternate secretary role. Jennifer clarified that the alternative does not need to be approved. Jeff just wanted to be open and give the board the opportunity. Mark welcomed Anita and Jennifer stated that they all do love each other.
  • The Vice Chair Announcement will be made for July and make an appointment for the September business meeting.
  1. June Assembly Agenda, Susan: Gave overview and asked for input. There is one item to vote on and the rest is a report. Jennifer asked to add the unbudgeted expense to be added to the agenda. Mark noted it would be a part of Jennifer’s report. Susan stated it can be updated in Jennifers minutes to the Assembly and her report.

Jennifer also asked about the Travel Policy, and if it would need Board approval or Finance approval. Susan would like Jennifer to craft the Travel Policy inside of the Finance Committee first and the group would like to discuss it at the next Board meeting.

  1. Inventory Ad Hoc Subcommittee, Susan Committee would determine the timeline, questions, whether a facilitator who is neutral without an agenda, and a report of results from the inventory. Mark nominated Beth to be the chair. Beth accepted. Jeff seconded the motion. He will join Beth. Unanimous vote for Beth to be chair of the committee.
  2. OIAA Chair report, Susan: Chair report is in Board drive; she has spent a great deal of time in PAC. Jan is working alone and has done a great job responding to complaints. Susan observed the Unity Day Committee. Allegation, and Convention.
  3. Tech Chair report, Mark: getting started on Membership Directory special projects. Added contribution button on top of OIAA page for Treasurer. Recommending a OIAA Service Day for OIAA Committee recruitment. Susan recommended a Service Fair for July 2024. Tech Steppers Safety Workshop scheduled for August.
  4. Conference Chair report, Beth: June 1st registration. Interpreters will be needed, and the type decided upon. Musicians being sought, MC for the event, comedians. We have three different rooms. Those could have music from three different countries. Marketing and communications about the event. Social media is where information travels like What’s APP and closed Facebook meetings. Flyers will be developed and sent out. We can only hope people treat the information confidentially.

Motions Summary

The following motions were voted on by the Board at this meeting:

  • Meeting Minutes for April 2024 approved, and March 2024 accepted.
  • Motion approved to increase the secretary’s travel line of $1500 by $200.
  • Motion to bring unapproved budget increase motion to the Assembly was denied by majority vote of 3-2. It is within the Board’s scope to approve it per the Guidelines approved by the Assembly.
  • Inventory Subcommittee Chair Beth nominated.

June 2024 Agenda Items

  • Travel Policy
  • 7th Tradition at OIAA Workshops

Respectfully submitted,

Anita M

OIAA Alternate Secretary

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