minutes – Jun 2023 – Online Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous

Minutes for 20 Jun 2023


Jeff B., Secretary

Jennifer B., Treasurer

Mark M., Technology chair

Susan R., Chair

Susan R., the Chair, called the meeting to order and opened the meeting with the Serenity Prayer at 7:02 pm EST.

Susan stated that there were 10 items to discuss on her list of items for the Board.  She expressed her hope that we could discuss at least 4 of these items today, She next asked the Board members to select which item they would like to discuss.

Guideline Committee – Susan R., Chair

  • Susan stated that she will be turning over the ad hoc Guidelines committee to Gwen McM. who is currently the alternate chair.
  • Jeff expressed his concern that the Guidelines committee is not bringing the development of the Guidelines to a conclusion. He stated that nearly a year after the ad hoc committee started its work, there is not even an overall list of the Sections for the new Guidelines.
  • The other Board members had similar concerns. Mark M. stated that as an ad hoc committee there should be an end time for them to complete their work. Mark M. made a motion that the Guidelines ad hoc committee complete their work by September 30th. The motion was seconded by Jennifer B. and the Board approved the motion unanimously.

Presentation at the Australian Online Area Assembly – Selected by Jeff B., Secretary

  • Jeff expressed concern that the PIC committee received an email from the delegate of the Australian online Area to provide a presentation on OIAA and that Carlos, who is a member of PIC, sent an email in response stating that he could do that presentation rather than letting the Board know. If the Board hadn’t been copied on his response to the Australian delegate, the Board would not have known about the request.
  • Jennifer commented that she thought that Carlos’ email was his way of informing the Board about the presentation. The other Board members agreed with this assessment after reviewing the email.
  • The suggestion was made that Jeff respond to Andrew, the delegate from the online Australian Area, and let him know that Carlos and he will be available to speak.

District 25, Area 72 Issue – Selected by Jeff B., Secretary

  • District 25 in Area 72 Western Washington has been examining their relationships with Intergroups which was discussed in an email from Frank M., the current DCM. They had a presentation from the Greater Seattle Intergroup and one by Jeff about the OIAA Intergroup. The question that they are asking is whether the District could have representation within OIAA.
  • Susan expressed concern that this would cause confusion between our Intergroups and General Service.
  • Jeff asked whether anyone who attends one of our Assemblies can come to the mike and voice their concerns or opinions. The answer was “yes” and so if a member of District 25 came to the mike at an Assembly, they could share with us.  We will let Frank M. know that this is the way that they could communicate with us but that we do not currently have liaisons to General Service entities including online Districts.

Open Door Policy – Selected by Mark M, Technology Chair

  • Mark selected the Open Door policy as his issue to discuss, He felt that the Open Door policy as it stands today does not say anything about the Assembly and that we need to turn it over to the Assembly for feedback.
  • Susan stated that she is going to present the Open Door policy at the Guidelines committee meeting tomorrow.
  • The Board reviewed the current version of the Open Door policy. There were several questions, especially about an “ad hoc Ethics committee” specified in the policy. The Board discussed several ideas about who would make up this ad hoc committee.

Required Governing Documents – Jeff B., Secretary

  • Jeff stated there are several changes that are required in the 3 governing documents that Alexandra Kilduff from Pro Bono Associates informed us that we need to have as an organization including a Whistleblower Policy, a Document Retention policy and a Conflict of Interest policy. Jeff said that he would make the necessary changes to these documents and send them to the Board for review.
  • Jeff also stated that he would reach out Alexandra to engage Pro Bono Associates to review our changes to these documents.
  • Once the documents are fully approved, they will need to be signed by the Officers and Committee chairs and their alternates using some online technology. Jeff suggested using DocuSign, but Mark felt that Adobe Professional, which he has a copy of, could be used instead with no additional cost to OIAA.

The Alternate Treasurer Position – Jennifer B., Treasurer

  • Jennifer stated that she would like to talk about the alternate Treasurer position.
  • She mentioned that no one at the Assembly expressed interest in the position but that one of the members, David, who has attended the last 2 Finance committee meetings has expressed interest. David has a little over a year of sobriety, but the Treasurer and alternate Treasurer position has a 5 year suggested sobriety requirement,
  • Jennifer asked the Board to weigh in on this. Jeff stated that he believes that guidelines are guides for us, but they are not written in stone. He stated that if we have a viable candidate for alternate Treasurer, he would be willing to waive the 5-year requirement but that we should examine what his program of recovery looks like. Susan suggested that we also check to see if David has a service sponsor.

Candidate for Vice chair – Jennifer B., Treasurer

  • Jennifer asked whether we have a candidate for Vice chair yet. Susan stated that she did have a candidate, Nona C., in mind.
  • Jennifer asked if Susan was her sponsor. Susan stated that she was Nona’s service sponsor, but she would be willing to sever that relationship if it became a conflict of interest.
  • Jeff stated that he knows Nona and that she would be a good choice.
  • Jennifer requested that Susan send another email to the membership asking if anyone is interested in the Vice chair position and Susan agreed to do so.

The Board agreed to meet again on June 27th to deal with the remaining issues. The meeting closed with the Responsibility Declaration at 8:41 pm EST.

Motions Summary

The following motions were voted on and approved by the Board at this meeting:

  1. Mark M. made a motion that the Guidelines ad hoc committee complete their work by September 30th. The motion was seconded by Jennifer B. and the Board approved the motion unanimously.

Humbly submitted,

Jeff Bernknopf

OIAA Secretary

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