minutes – Apr 2024 – Online Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous

Minutes for 14 Apr 2024


Beth A., International Trustee

Jennifer B., Treasurer

Nona C., Vice Chair

Mark M., Technology Chair

Naterena P-C, Alternate Secretary

Susan R., Chair

Susan R., the Chair, called the meeting to order and opened the meeting with the Serenity Prayer at 2:00 pm EST.

Officer Board minutes – Naterena,, Alternate Secretary

  • Susan stated that she reviewed the March minutes and has some issues which she spoke to Jeff about. Susan stated that Jeff will be providing revised minutes from the minutes which were accurately prepared by Naterena but needed some additional headings.

Treasurer’s Report – Jennifer B., Treasurer

  • Jennifer reported that the March reports have been posted on the website.
  • She stated that we had revenues of $5,900 which is ahead of our budget. April is looking even better with $6,100 already received.
  • Jennifer reported that the payment on the Budget Variance report to our tech special worker was the last payment to Melinda. Our new tech worker, Carrie, was paid only $600 for the month even though her rate was higher but her hours were lower.
  • She reported that our interpretation costs were significantly less than budget due to using Upwork.
  • The result was a net income of $2,760 through the end of March.
  • Mark M. expressed concern that the issues at the Assembly with translation were associated with the Upwork people. There was one Upwork individual, Oledade, who did not have a stable connection which needs to be addressed.  Jennifer stated that he will not be re-hired.
  • Nona stated that the survey did not provide insight into where the translation issues came from because the language was not included in the survey. She stated that this will be corrected in the next survey.
  • The balance sheet showed that we have $115,000 in our bank account with $5,500 of the funds earmarked.
  • Jennifer reported that in March, 49 groups contributed to OIAA
  • The Board discussed issues relating to the money that we currently have above our prudent reserve. Several options were reviewed for spending the money and perhaps making distributions twice a year.
  • Jennifer asked about adding a button to the website home page for easily contributing to OIAA. Mark was not in favor of adding a button but stated that we could make the link as a separate menu option to allow making contributions easier.

Mission Statement – Nona C., Vice-chair

  • Nona reported that she had sent a proposed Mission statement to the Board members and that she had received comments back from several Board members.
  • She stated that Jeff had proposed the following revised Mission statement:

The mission of OIAA is to serve online AA groups across the globe by providing an intergroup service structure where we can share our experience, strength and hope through an extensive international meeting list, events and numerous service opportunities.

  • Nona also presented the version of the Mission statement that Mary utilizes.
  • The Board discussed Jeff’s proposed version of the Mission statement and made several changes.
  • The final version of the Mission statement was proposed as:

The mission of Online Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous (OIAA, Inc.) is to serve and unify online A.A. groups across the globe by providing a service structure where we help groups carry the A.A. message through the use of online technologies.

  • Jennifer B. made a motion to accept the mission statement as modified by the Board. Beth A. seconded the motion which was passed unanimously.
  • Nona mentioned that the Mission statement should be added as a document to the Board Book.
  • Jennifer mentioned that she will use the new Mission statement on our tax returns going forward.

Use of the Stories on our Website – Susan R., Chair

  • Susan stated that this issue was brought to the Board by Lesilee, the Communications committee chair, who was approached by a newsletter from Portugal to utilize on of our stories.
  • Susan asked the Board whether a Terms of Use page should be added to the website and stated that Lesilee had proposed some language for this page. Beth also had some suggestions for such a page which included some standard language that she has used in the past.
  • Susan asked whether a story can be uploaded without checking the permission box and Mark stated that it could not. Susan suggested that we expand the language on the web page to indicate that your story might be re-published in another medium.
  • The Board agreed to include a discussion about this when we discuss a strategic plan.
  • For now, Susan will tell Lesliee to have the newsletter from Portugal cite our site as the source. The Board agreed with this approach.

Technology Report – Mark M., Technology Chair

  • Mark reported that he provided a written Technology report.
  • Mark stated that the new web servant has just begun her work and it’s too soon to properly evaluate her work thus far. However, the initial indications have been positive. Carrie K., our new web servant, is also a current delegate who is attending the Conference now.  Her updates to the website were well-received.
  • Mark stated that his primary objective for the money allocated to the Technology committee to be spent will be focused on the membership directory. Several options for this directory are being considered.

Chair Report – Susan R., Chair

  • Susan reported that she has been spending a lot of time with PAC to assist Jan, especially with some of the complaints from a few groups.
  • Susan stated that she has been working with the Unity committee to help prepare a flyer for the International Convention.

Mexican Convention request – Susan R,, Chair

  • Susan mentioned that a Mexican convention that is hybrid has asked for permission to post their June 2025 3-day convention on our Events page.
  • Beth stated that if the event is hybrid that we should include it.
  • No one on the Board disagreed.

Vice-Chair report – Nona C,,  Vice-Chair

  • Nona reported that she has been attending the ICOAA weekly meetings. She mentioned that a request was made that we change our URL because OIAA comes up as one of the first sites in a Google search and not their local Intergroup.  Nona informed the meeting that we would not be changing our URL.
  • Nona stated that she has been involved with the committee working on our Hospitality Suite at the 2025 International Convention. There has been a request to change the art work for the pins that will be ordered to include the year.
  • Nona has been working on the IGR Forum and with the groups making presentations at the upcoming IGR Forum. She mentioned that the Unity committee and Beth will be doing a presentation on the upcoming International convention at this IGR Forum.
  • Nona reported that the Convention committee charter has been completed and that only 2 committee charters, CPC and PIC, are outstanding with the newly appointed chairs of these committees working on finalizing their charters,

International Trustee Report – Beth A., International Trustee

  • Beth A. reported that she had provided a written report and there were several positive items to share. She was very happy with the new Convention page on our website.
  • She also reported that there were a number of themes and meeting formats that will be part of the OIAA International Convention.
  • She also stated that Beth D. has recruited almost 20 volunteers to serve as Tech hosts during the Convention.

The meeting closed at 3:36 pm EST when the Board went into Executive session.

Motions Summary

The following motions were voted on by the Board at this meeting:

  1. Jennifer B. made a motion to accept the mission statement as modified by the Board. Beth A. seconded the motion which was passed unanimously.

Humbly submitted,

Jeff Bernknopf

OIAA Secretary

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