chair-report – May 2023 – Online Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous

Chair Report for May 2023

OIAA’s Board has accepted the Get Into Action Committee as an OIAA Ad Hoc Committee.

Please see the events calendar for the May 13, 2023 event Growing an Online AA Group. The main topics for this session are: Making A.A. Available to Everyone: Online Groups Problems and Solutions; Sponsorship: Online & In-Person.

Contact info for this event is:

The Get Into Action Committee has regularly created events that specifically focus on the needs of online groups. The programs have regularly included presentations by members of online groups and open sharing.

Participation in constructing the programs and agendas for this committee and future events is open to all members of online AA groups.

All OIAA standing committees are accepted through a vote on by OIAA’s Assembly. Committees that are defined as Ad Hoc (temporary) can move forward in their work in order to provide OIAA members an opportunity to experience their work in order to decide how they want to cast their vote on the consideration to accept the committee as part of OIAA’s standing committees.

OIAA Chairperson Jane G


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