chair-report – June 2024 – Online Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous

Chair Report for Jun 2024

And so, another month of service to our groups…

Successful Safety Workshop!

The Tech Committee sponsored a question-and-answer session as their quarterly safety workshop on the first Saturday in May. It was well attended and gave our groups and other interested AA members the chance to ask questions related to technology and group security. Our Techsteppers were on hand to answer questions. It was a well-attended event, and our Technology Chair sent an audio recording of the event to the membership. Thank you, team, for all you do!

2024 OIAA Online International Convention Registration is open! Join us for a virtual trip around the world in celebration of Alcoholics Anonymous and the universal language of the heart.

This is a three-day global event with each day highlighting a different global zone! 

Day 1 – Asia, Oceania
Day 2 – North and South America
Day 3 – Europe, Africa, Asia

It includes over 50 groups from 18 unique countries serving as meeting hosts, in 4 virtual conference rooms with over 70 International AA meetings to join, all from inside OIAA’s Virtual Convention Center. Join us on the OIAA jet for a trip through AA around the world. For more information:

OIAA Quarterly Assembly with Committee Reports & Internal Financial Review Report
Saturday, 15 June 2024
11:00am PST/1:00pm CST/2:00pm EST
Meeting ID: 839 1683 1125; Passcode: OIAA

For our June assembly, we will present the finalized Internal Financial Review conducted by volunteers. The board reviewed the report at their March board meeting. It is informational only. No voting will be required.

Additionally, according to our bylaws, our committee chairs will be giving a short report on their activities in the last year. You will have the opportunity to learn what service work our committees offer. We have 9 standing committees:  Steppers, 2025 Vancouver Convention Committee, Finance, Technology, CPC or Cooperation with the Professional Community, PIC or Public Information, PAC, or Policy and Admissions, Communications, and Unity. There are a lot of opportunities for service work on these committees. Some hold meetings: each committee has created its own charter with a mission statement and has its own page on our website. Each committee defines its own membership and sobriety requirements. Some committees have active subcommittees. And all would welcome your participation. Come to find out more at our June Assembly!

Welcome to our New Board Members:

In May, we appointed a new Trustee-at-Large to our board! We welcome back Barry M., who served as our OIAA secretary in the last panel. He brings organizational memory, AA service experience and professionally translatable experience to the board! We are grateful to his willingness to continue to serve! This is a board appointment per our bylaws, and Barry would stand for election in December.

Additionally, Anita M. has stepped up to be our Alternate Secretary. Thank you, Anita, for your willingness to serve!

Voting Members and Updating the member directory:


Another update we have made to our website is a clearly marked page to update any changes to IGRs within your groups. It is the responsibility of each group to update any changes in advance of assemblies, so that your vote can be counted. Although anyone can attend the assembly, only elected IGRs or in their absence, the alt IGRs can vote or make motions. Group contacts can come to assemblies, but they cannot vote. Please note, I give a deadline for group changes with every assembly announcement I send out. Please look for this deadline if your group is holding elections. For June’s assembly, the drop-dead date for additions or changes to our membership is Friday, 7 June , at 11:59 p.m. Here is the new link for making those changes: The link can also be easily found under the IGR Hotlist tab.


Open Positions

Vice Chair

In late April, our Vice Chair, Nona C., resigned for personal reasons. We will miss her and wish her well. We have sent you an announcement of this open position and posted it on the website, here:  If you have any additional questions regarding this position, contact

2025 Vancouver International Convention Chair-contact Susan R., This committee could also use some support. Whether you are planning to go to Vancouver or not, come and participate! This committee meets on the 3rd Sunday of the month. Check the website for the time as that may change. More information can be found here:

Alternate Registrar-Contact Mary M.,


Committee Service Work:


With 9 standing committees, there are plenty of opportunities for 12 step service work outside of your group. Service facilitates recovery. Most committees hold regular meetings; some provide training in responding to the public via email (Steppers and PIC or Public Information Committee) If you are interested in service work, check out the Service Committee tab on our website. Look around. Visit the committee or contact the chair for more information.


The PAC committee could use volunteer support. Here is what they do:


PAC or Policy and Admissions:  PAC is a foundational committee groups encounter when they first contact us to list. The Registrar on the Tech Committee is the other. According to PAC’s board approved charter, they do the following:

  • “PAC assists new groups in registering to list A.A. meetings/groups on the OIAA meeting directory:
  • Reviews all new meeting submission forms for compliance in form completion, directory listing guideline compliance.
  • PAC assists new member groups to list Intergroup representatives at time of registration.
  • PAC assists meetings/groups regain their status to be relisted within the OIAA meeting directory or as Intergroup representatives if they have lapsed.
  • PAC assists to resolve complaints and answer questions regarding OIAA directory listed meeting/groups that have been reported.
  • PAC offers OIAA policy/guideline advisories to any interested parties.”


If you have any interest in doing this work, we could use your help. For more information, here is a link:


The Membership asked, Is OIAA really A.A.? PAC had the answer, absolutely! In 2008, a US/Canada General Service Conference Advisory Action recognized it: 


“The Online Intergroup of A.A. (OIAA) be listed in a new section titled “Online Intergroups” under the section “International Correspondence Meetings” in the A.A. Directories above where “Online Meetings” appear; the listing will include the online intergroup Web site and e-mail addresses.” M-39, Advisory Actions, 1951-2024, Report & Charter, 2008, p. 154:  And you can find our link on the website, here: .


Other OIAA Committees in Action:


12 Stepper Committee:  Answer the “phone” and get people the help they need. For more information, visit their webpage here:


PIC:  Public Information Committee-answer questions and provide information—contact Mary M., our PIC chair for more


Communications:  Besides in house informational and instructional video production, art and flier design headed by Randy C., the OIAA Communications Committee also has an Archivist, Paul M. Their committee meets the 3rd Sunday of the Month at 1:15 pm ET. More information can be found here:


And the Cooperation with the Professional Community (CPC) chaired by Gwen M., has an alt-chair Sharon G., and is holding meetings-the 4th Monday of the month at 6:30 pm ET. Look for more information on their webpage:  Get in touch with Gwen for sign on or more information;

Technology: If you have skills in technology and want to participate on our technology committee, they have four active subcommittees:  We currently have the following active subcommittees:

  • Cloud Admin: implements and maintains OIAA’s cloud services (Google Workspace) and helps support OIAA workspace users.
  • Member Directory Team: administers the updates to the OIAA meeting directory with meeting adds and changes.
  • Tech Steppers: helps with meetings with safety and security information.
  • Zoom Events Crew runs the OIAA workshops, forums and assemblies Zoom rooms.


The Tech committee has set summer hours .  This committee meets at 8:30 pm ET.


June (shift to 2nd/4th Mondays):  June 10th, June 24th

July: July 15th (only meeting)

August: August 12th (only meeting )

September (2nd/4th Mondays):  Sept 9th, Sept 23rd.


For more information, their webpage is here:


Finally, want to keep pace with the pulse of our finances? The Finance Committee meets the 2nd Saturday of the month at 2 pm ET. Here is the link to their webpage:  And come to the June assembly and see the work this committee did with an internal financial review.


What’s Next:

15 June 24 OIAA Assembly:  2pm EDT, all members are welcome. Meeting ID: 839 1683 1125, Passcode: OIAA. For June’s assembly, the drop-dead date for additions or changes to our membership is Friday, 7 June 2024, at 11:59 p.m.


July Service Fair-with Nona’s departure as planner of the IGR forum, the Tech Committee is planning to fill the IGR forum date with a Service Expo. It will be held on 27 July. Look for more information to come!

Techsteppers Quarterly Workshop—3 August 2024

OIAA Assembly—21 September 2024

OIAA International Convention—25-27 October 2024


Sixth Tradition: An AA Group ought never endorse, finance, or lend the AA name to any related facility, or outside enterprise, lest problems of money, property and prestige divert us from our primary purpose. The Sixth Tradition follows our Fifth for a reason, which is- “Our primary purpose is to stay sober and help another alcoholic to achieve sobriety.” We do not endorse or lend our name to rehabs, hospitals, religions programs, products, podcasts, alternative recovery programs or other 12 step programs. We are not a blanket recovery organization. We are alcoholics and the problem is with alcoholism. The solution, expressed by Tradition Five keeps us on the beam. This lesson was learned by the founders on the anvils of experience. Bill Wilson relates the dreams newly sober alcoholics had for changing the world, creating hospitals, spearheading spiritual advances, cleaning up politics, legislating recovery programs, achieving wealth, and renown. Tradition 6 reminds us of ego. And it appears frequently in Bill Wilson’s story, from his desire to be “Number One Man” to suggesting AA promote the use of niacin as the miracle cure. The consummate promoter that he was, these dreams made him realize the danger of leading A.A. anywhere outside of its primary purpose. When he turned down the Lasker Award on a personal basis, we see, historically, his spiritual growth. And so, as groups have the autonomy to internally practice the program as they wish, so OIAA as an autonomous A.A. ask the groups we list to follow the spiritual principles of these spiritual principles, our traditions, asking our potential groups these among other questions based on the traditions:  Are group members alcoholics (or have a desire to stop drinking)(Traditions 3, 5), And does the group have no other affiliation, or endorse outside enterprises (Tradition 6)?  We find it important to keep our eyes on the spiritual rather than material prize of a sober life, with rich and rewarding experiences as both our Higher Power and our founders intended. One tool in doing that is given to us by Tradition Six:  Keep it simple.


For More information about our OIAA group listing guidelines go here:  If you have any additional regarding group listings, contact


Humbly and respectfully submitted,

Susan R

OIAA Chair


I would like to thank Nona C. for her service as our Vice Chair and wish her well.


See you in a couple of weeks! For June’s assembly, the drop-dead date for additions or changes to our membership is Friday, 7 June , at 11:59 p.m. Here is the new link for making those changes: The link can also be easily found under the IGR Hotlist tab. For other questions or help, contact Mary M., We will have Spanish, French, and Portuguese interpretation, as requested!


OIAA Quarterly Assembly with Committee Reports & Internal Financial Review Report
Saturday, 15 June 2024
11:00am PST/1:00pm CST/2:00pm EST
Meeting ID: 839 1683 1125; Passcode: OIAA



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