chair-report – Jan 2023 – Online Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous

Chair Report for Jan 2023

Where is the January Chair’s Report?
I apologize for the delay in making contact with you. You can expect a full report from me in the later half of February.

Thank you to OIAA’s Technology Committee!

Please join me in extending a heartfelt thank you to all the members of OIAA’s Technology Committee. They have been hard at work and putting in countless hours to move OIAA to a Google-for-Nonprofits account. This committee is an incredible example of AA service commitment, leadership and teamwork. One major change was to standardize the email addresses for all OIAA’s trusted servants and standing committees. The standardized format in email addresses will serve OIAA well for continuity in rotation. When it is time for me to rotate out as Chair, the next Chair will move right into the same email address with access to all email messages. The implementation is ongoing and has momentarily interrupted some of the usual data reports. These types of major changes take time, tedious testing, and training of both system administrators and users. It’s HUGE! We know this new functionality will be helpful in serving the OIAA groups and working together to carry the AA message. Again, thank you to all who serve on OIAA’s Technology Committee.

OIAA Board and Standing Committee Meeting

The OIAA Board meets with the chairs of all OIAA’s standing committees in each even-numbered month. I look forward to hearing about the wide variety of 12th-Step work being done by OIAA’s committees. I will be even more excited to pass that information to you to share with your group members. OIAA’s new website capabilities will increase the visibility to all 12th Step work going on in OIAA. We hope the expanded communication capabilities will work to attract more members to participate in service.

Please be sure the Secretary and Treasurer of your group are informed that OIAA has a new mailing address for receiving 7th Tradition contributions. 

OIAA, Inc.
ATTN: Treasurer
500 Westover Dr. #31000
Sanford, NC 27330

Processing contributions via our website (using your Paypal account or credit card) is the preferred method, but check payments can be made as well.
OIAA Contributions

Please let me know if you have any questions.
In love and service,
-Brian R
OIAA Treasurer

Please announce to your groups – Volunteers Are Needed!

We have a lot to do in OIAA. Here is a partial list of service positions and skills that are needed.
If you or someone you know wants to serve, please give them my email:

Defined Service Positions
Alternate Treasurer
Alternate Secretary
Alternate Chair Finance

Project Work and Yet-to-be-defined Service Positions

  • People who are knowledgeable in applying A.A.’s Steps, Traditions, and Concepts
  • Simultaneous (Oral) Interpreters – please tell me your languages
  • Translators for written documents – please tell me your languages
  • Communication Specialists
  • Graphic artists
  • Training designers
  • Videographers
  • Presentation script writers

Jane G., Chair, OIAA

  1. Select language with the translator selector (top right corner of screen)
  2. Right click on the page and select Print (CTRL +P)
  3. Select Printer Destination or Save as PDF in the print dialog box