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Chair Report for Apr 2024

April 2024 Chair’s Report:  From where I serve….

Voting Members and Updating the member directory:

 Another update we have made to our website is a clearly marked page to update any changes to IGRs within your groups. It is the responsibility of each group to update any changes in advance of assemblies, so that your vote can be counted. Although anyone can attend the assembly, only elected IGRs or in their absence, the alt IGRs can vote or make motions. Group contacts cannot come to the assembly and vote. Please note, I give a deadline for group changes with every assembly announcement I send out. Please look for this deadline if your group is holding elections. Here is the new link for making those changes: The link can also be easily found under the IGR Hotlist tab.

Open Positions

Trustee at Large- Information about that position can be found here:  Contact the  for more information.

2025 Vancouver International Convention Chair-contact Nona C.,

Alternate Registrar-Contact Mary M.,

The PAC could use some volunteer support. Here is what they do:

PAC or Policy and Admissions:  PAC is a foundational committee groups encounter when they first contact us to list.  The Registrar in the Tech Committee is the other. According to PAC’s board approved charter, they do the following:

  • “PAC assists new groups in registering to list A.A. meetings/groups on the OIAA meeting directory:
  • Reviews all new meeting submission forms for compliance in form completion, directory listing guideline compliance.
  • PAC assists new member groups to list Intergroup representatives at time of registration.
  • PAC assists meetings/groups regain their status to be relisted within the OIAA meeting directory or as Intergroup representatives if they have lapsed.
  • PAC assists to resolve complaints and answer questions regarding OIAA directory listed meeting/groups that have been reported.
  • PAC offers OIAA policy/guideline advisories to any interested parties.”

If you have any interest in doing this work, we could use your help. For more information, here is a link:

Planning for two Conventions:

We continue to plan for participation in two upcoming conventions:  Participation in the 2025 Vancouver International AA Convention (in-person), and our own 2024 OIAA Online International Convention (October 25-27.)  Two separate committees are doing this work, Convention (Vancouver) and the Unity Committee (Online).

2025 Vancouver AA International Convention, July 3-6th

Last month, as I reported our (Vancouver) Convention chair, Terry N., resigned, so we are looking for someone to replace her. We thanked her for her service and wish her well. Jan BB, the alt chair continues to share her experience with this convention with us, but she is chairing another committee as well at this time and cannot chair two committees. Nona and I stepped in to help.

Our Vice Chair, Nona C., sent this report from the (Vancouver 2025) Convention Committee:

2025 marks the 90th anniversary of the founding of our Fellowship when one alcoholic shared his experience, strength, and hope with another member. Since 1950, we have met together every 5 years in a convention held in venues throughout out the US or Canada. In addition, the online intergroup was formed 30 years ago after manning a cyber-suite in the International Convention in San Diego.

Thank you for your 7th tradition contributions that allow your Intergroup to be recognized at this in-person event hosted every five years. This money has been budgeted as an accrual over the last several years and pays for the equipment we need to rent and other incidentals when we get to Vancouver. OIAA plans are to host an in person cyber-suite in Vancouver, Canada, July 3-6th, 2025.

If you have never attended an International Convention of Alcoholics Anonymous, it is the incredible experience of meeting A.A. members throughout the world coming together to share experience, strength, and hope. The excitement of participating in the planning and offerings of the OIAA cyber-suit is not limited to those A.A. members in attendance at the International Convention. Join us in the planning!!

Your 2025 Vancouver Convention Committee is currently seeking a committee chair. We are currently a committee of three, all of which have other OIAA commitments. The Chair will preferably have 5+ years of sobriety. We meet once a month as we continue to develop ideas and prepare to host members from around the globe. Attendance at the Vancouver International Convention is not required to participate in the convention planning committee. Ideally, the committee chair would.

The Convention Committee is also looking for a list of the in-person attendees to the 2025 Vancouver International Conference who are willing to man the cyber-suite. The suite will be closed during the main speaker meetings to allow attendance by the OIAA suite meet and greeters.

The committee currently meets on the third Sunday of the month. Our next meeting is April  21st,

2024, and will be chaired by Jan BB your 2025 Vancouver Convention Committee Alt Chair

12:00 pm ET
ID: 896 6153 1454
Code: Convention

Nona C., your Vice Chair will help field questions, comments, and concerns in the interim as we identify a volunteer willing to chair this committee. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity as committee chairs have a two-year term with a maximum of two terms. Send questions to


Additional information about the AA Vancouver International Convention can be found here:


OIAA Unity Committee sponsored 2024 International Online Convention, October 25, 26, 27


Our Unity Committee is chaired by Carlos D. This committee is supported by our new international trustee, Beth A. They are currently planning our 2024 OIAA International Online Conference.


Here is their progress on the planning:


– REMINDER April 1st is the deadline for participating groups to submit their theme or format for the convention! Please submit your theme to Beth A


– To date we are thrilled to have participation from groups in New Zealand, Australia, India, Iran, France, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Canada/Québec, Mexico, Kenya, England, Ireland, Scotland, and the US.

– Due to the overwhelming response from our groups the convention schedule is completely booked! Those groups on the waiting list will be contacted if a place opens in the convention schedule. 

– A dedicated OIAA International Online Convention page will be created by our Tech Committee for the OIAA website. This page will have regular updates and other information about the convention. We anticipate that it will be published April 1st.

– We have also scheduled Q&A meetings to share ideas and to provide updates on the 2nd Saturday and 4th Sunday of each month from March to September.

Carlos D, Unity Committee Chair, and Beth A, International Trustee are both at your service!

What’s Next:


IGR Forum—27 April 24, 2 pm EDT, ID:  839 1683 1125  Passcode: OIAA. More information can be found here: The Unity Committee and its planning updates for our 2024 International Online Convention will be spotlighted and groups will share the service opportunities they offer in their groups.


TechSteppers Quarterly Safety Workshop, May 4 @ 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm EDT,  Zoom Meeting ID: 839 1683 1125, Passcode: OIAA.


16 June 24 OIAA Assembly:  2pm EDT, All members are welcome. Meeting ID: 839 1683 1125, Passcode: OIAA


Fourth Tradition:


Finally, I have been thinking about the Fourth Tradition this month. Our work as an intergroup is to provide a platform where A.A. groups can be listed. We need to listen to them and find out how we can serve their needs. That is some of the work where volunteers can do service through our 9 12th-Step service committees. The Fourth Tradition allows groups and committees to conduct the meeting as the group conscience determines if it does not affect other groups or AA as a whole.


Our service committees function similarly. It is up to the board to give them that autonomy if they do not affect the whole organization. We do not govern, but we, as a board, have a fiduciary responsibility to be aware of what they are doing and ensure that we are all on the same page, determined by group conscience, to best service, you, and your group. For the board, it is a labor of love and gratitude because it is in the safety and love of our group that we found hope.


We provide a platform so that you can save lives, so that members or members-to-be can each decide if they want to be included and want to give back in service. A.A. groups  and OIAA give each individual that space to decide. Similarly, the group has the autonomy to conduct its own affairs, just like our committees do, but groups must be aware they are not operating in a vacuum.


I remember a group at home in my in-person geographical district, decided to add a Big Book meeting.

They did not look at the meeting directory to see if scheduling one would interfere with any nearby groups. It did, and the other group saw a serious decline in attendance and subsequently closed. Needless to say, it caused more than a little resentment.


We are a big organization, and committees meet and autonomously make decisions. But they have the responsibility to communicate and cooperate with other committees and the board to keep us all on the same page.


It is rather a matter of vision as expressed in the 9th Concept. It is why decisions need to be carefully considered and discussed. Sometime time is needed to process alternatives. Sometimes backtracking is needed.


So, whether group or committee, do what we do best:  as groups, carry the message of experience, strength, and hope, and as 12th step service committees, help the groups make that possible. I hope we all remember the almost sacred responsibilities we have been handed by our founders to stay unified in carrying out that trust:  the 36 principles of Alcoholics Anonymous.



Humbly and respectfully submitted:


Susan R

OIAA Chair

Welcome to our new webservant:  Kerri K.
Thank you to the entire Ad Hoc Guidelines committee for your tireless efforts. Thank you to those of you who planned and executed the guidelines reviews prior to our vote in March. And congratulations to the members, chair, and alt chairs of the Communications Committee, for your patience and vision in this last year. The board and I are grateful for your service.

Come and join us:  Service facilitates recovery!

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