chair-report – Apr 2023 – Online Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous

Chair Report for Apr 2023

Effective April 30, 2023, Brian R has turned over the OIAA Treasurer position to Jennifer B., OIAA Alternate Treasurer. In March, Brian had selected Jennifer B. as OIAA’s Alternate Treasurer and she is now ready to take full responsibility for the position. She will serve as Treasurer until OIAA officer elections at the end of this year.
Brian’s leadership was instrumental in the tedious effort to restore OIAA’s nonprofit status. He has made his most significant contributions in his third year of service by bringing all OIAA’s financial operations online. The services he has set up allow a smooth transition in the rotation of OIAA officers who live far apart.
Brian secured a bookkeeping service to record OIAA’s financial transactions and report them in a timely manner. He secured a mail service that is OIAA’s permanent U.S. Postal Service address. The mail service receives, reads, and records all OIAA’s mail. Checks received in the mail are scanned and deposited to the bank without delay. Brian engaged a bank that conducts all transactions online. This innovative approach for banking can be used for online and in-person AA groups and entities.
Without Brian’s leadership, OIAA’s financial functioning would be very different.
Thank you for your great sacrifice in time and effort, Brian!
Please contact Brian  to thank him for his incredible service to OIAA.
You can welcome Jennifer as OIAA’s Treasurer at this email address:
Jane G., Chair, OIAA

OIAA IGR Forum 29 April 2023


The purpose of the IGR Quarterly Forums is to bring information to the IGRs, give all IGRs an opportunity to share information with each other, ask questions, and spark new ideas. What ideas does your group have? We are collecting them here:

IGRs, please prepare for April 29 by asking your group members to tell you what they want or need from OIAA as an Intergroup. Do not fret if they don’t know. Some groups may make no request while others will offer several ideas and items. The Forum will provide everyone with a learning opportunity.

Call for Volunteers – Contact:

OIAA can only grow at the rate at which its work can be completed.

OIAA is in immediate need of volunteers for these service positions that support OIAA Officers:

  • Alternate Treasurer
  • Alternate Secretary
  • Finance Chairperson
  • Alternate Finance Chairperson

Archives Committee Members are needed!

Needed by most OIAA standing committees:

Committee Secretaries – This service may not require attendance to the actual committee meetings. Most meetings have an audio recording and a written transcript. The person who is willing to listen to the audio recording while revising the transcript can do the work at his/her convenience. This is a great way to learn the many ways in which OIAA conducts 12-Step work!

Communications Committee Members Needed:

  • People who want to learn or are knowledgeable in applying the principles of A.A.’s Steps, Traditions, and Concepts
  • Communication Specialists
  • Graphic artists
  • Training designers
  • Videographers
  • Presentation script writers

Paid Special Workers are needed for work at regular OIAA standing committee meetings, IGR Forums and Assemblies:

  • Simultaneous (Oral) Interpreters – American Sign Language (ASL), Mexican Sign Language (LSM), Spanish, Portuguese, and French
  • Translators for written documents – Spanish, Portuguese, French


Jane G., Chair, OIAA

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  2. Right click on the page and select Print (CTRL +P)
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