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What does “Beta” Mean?

NOTE: The site has just recently moved “live,” and during this transition, some aspects of the site may be slow, broken, or otherwise incorrectly formatted. Please “pardon our dust” as it were. You are welcome to still access the old site: archive.aa-intergroup.org.

In-person meetings remain a staple of the 12-step program, but there are situations where people cannot get together face-to-face — such as our current global pandemic — or an individual cannot find a meeting suitable nearby, be it because of preference, special needs, language, or anything else.


This is why the Online Intergroup is dedicated to serving its mission of connecting online groups in a central place where AAs can find live, online meetings: video chats, conference calls, chat rooms, message boards, email lists, or even thru gaming interfaces. These mechanisms offer the community ways to support their recovery from wherever they are at any time.

The Online Intergroup of AA offers the directory and communication tools in support of the fellowship. In order to be of better service, we refreshed our online platform for ease of user access.

Here’s what we’ve been working on:

  • More user-friendly database: The Meeting Directory — while very much a work in progress — includes many requested features: search capability and filtering by type or format. We’re planning to add better filtering capability, the ability to save, star, or meetings, and more.
  • Mobile-first design: The data shows that over 70% of site visitors are using their phones, so we have designed this site with a “mobile-first” ethos — that is, all the content and features, including the directory, are optimized for access on-the-go (iPhone, Android, etc).
  • Streamlined design: Based on the data of what users have been going to first — including the meeting directory — we’ve organized the site to be “action oriented” give you quick and direct access to the things you need: the very next meeting available, direct access to people who can help, and more resources to help in your recovery.

The site is being tested to develop the best solutions . We’re constantly learning. But as with user-centric, feedback-driven technology, this may at times seem off, render a little odd, or even break.

So bear with us — look around, test things out, and hopefully find what you need — and if you have ideas, please share them:

– Your Fellows in AA

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