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O Open Meeting
C Closed Meeting
Regular / Specialty
A Regular (all)
Men Men Only
Women Women Only
GLBT Gay / Lesbian / Bisexual / Transgender
DHoH Deaf / Hard of Hearing
LI Loners / Internationalists
MIL Military
RE Regional / Ethnic
P Profession Specific
AtAg Atheist & Agnostic
Meeting Formats
E Email Meeting
CH Chat (text) Meeting
AV Audio / Video Meeting
DF Discussion Forums Meeting
T Telephone
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C, Men, E AA Men

A closed meeting for men, AA Men was founded on AOL. This offshoot meets on the Internet. Contact AA Men at the following address for further information.

O, Women, E AA Recovery Group

We are a small women-only group who share their E.S.H. on a daily basis. We adhere strictly to the traditions; however, we do add a little rule #62 to the mix, which means having fun. We are different from other groups in that we allow html and stationery to make our shares prettier. You will find us a very safe place to share, and the only requirement to join us is a desire to stop drinking. If you are new to online AA, please give us a try, we think you will be happy you did.

Please write to the email address below or to Marg at or to become a member of our group.

C, Women, E AA Serenity

AA Serenity is a closed, women's AA email meeting. Our weekly topics consist of a general topic and a Big Book topic, as well as discussions on the Steps and Traditions of the corresponding month. We welcome all women who adhere to the traditions of AA. We have women from all over the world sharing their experience, strength, and hope in this group … and we support one another, as sisters, through all the bad times, as well as all the good times. AA Serenity remains one of the safest women’s AA on-line groups on the Internet.

Write to the address below to subscribe or for further information.

O, A, E, DF AA Social Discussion Group

An email group of recovering alcoholics to help each other stay sober one day at a time.

O, A, E AA Spiritual Toolkit Group

We are an email group whose sole purpose is to stay sober and help other alcoholics to achieve sobriety. The only qualification to be a member is to have a desire to stop drinking. And maybe have some fun too!

We have two chair people and two topics per week, one on Sunday and one on Wednesday. Our chair people serve on one month rotations. Off topic topics are encouraged also. Our meeting is run just like any face-to-face meeting including all the common courtesy we would normally extend to each other in any other meeting format.

Please email Rebecca at the address below to join or request more information.

O, Women, E, DF AA Women in Recovery

A fun and easy women's AA support group. We give alot of encouragement, strength, and hope!

O, Women, E AA Women OnLine

This group of AA Women OnLine invite women members of AA and women with a desire to stop drinking to join us on our journey to sobriety and recovery in AA. We share our experience strength and hope with each other through online email meetings held twice weekly and a monthly Step and Tradition Meeting. We ask, we wonder, we learn, and we grow, providing for one another a loving, caring, and supportive home group.

We invite you to join with us by contacting Susie E at the address below.

C, A, E, DF AA-AAE The AA Experience

We are a closed online meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous. As a group we adhere to the Twelve Traditions of AA. The only requirement for membership
is a desire to stop drinking.

Through email posting we offer experience, strength and hope to every alcoholic who asks. You'll find posts on recovery, the Twelve Steps, the Twelve Traditions, and socializing. We do try to have a fun time while remaining serious about recovery. We look forward to your membership and your shares. We all need each other in sobriety.

O, A, E AAMen

One of the original men's groups online. Weekly topic open for discussion by its members, numbering about 30.

Contact Alorando at the address below to subscribe or for further information.

O, Women, E AAsGAL

AAsGAL is a group of women who are dedicated, through the Program of Alcoholics Anonymous, to help each other grow in sobriety and to help those still suffering achieve sobriety. We are an AA meeting, and adhere to the 12 Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous. We have found that the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous have been our guide to a meaningful life, a life free of the misery of Alcoholism, and one of Joy beyond our Wildest Dreams. We hope that if you are a woman in recovery, or one still suffering and in need of help, you will join us on the Road to Happy Destiny. This group is a safe place for members to find and share recovery.

Records - 21 to 30 of 79

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