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A Regular (all)
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Women Women Only
GLBT Gay / Lesbian / Bisexual / Transgender
DHoH Deaf / Hard of Hearing
LI Loners / Internationalists
MIL Military
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P Profession Specific
AtAg Atheist & Agnostic
Meeting Formats
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T Telephone
C, A, T @ Home Meeting of AA

We met by telephone on Tuesday nights at 7:30pm Eastern Time. No computer needed however long distance charges may apply. We are a discussion group with a 20 minute speaker the last Tuesday of the month.

Simply call: 641-715-3300
Wait for prompt: 694733#

Please Feel Free to Join Us.

O, A, GLBT, T A Safe Place

LGBT oriented but open to all. Meetings take place every Tuesday and Thursday nights at 9 pm eastern time. Phone number is (515) 739-1030 and the access code is 310346616#.

O, A, T A Way Of Life

This is an open discussion group which meets weekly using AA approved literature..."Living Sober", "As Bill Sees it" books to guide discussion on the challenges of "Staying Stopped".

Chairperson will lead the meeting by reading from the text and open floor for sharing. Join us and share with others how you are "staying stopped" one day at a time!

Thursdays 2-3pm EST
1(605) 475-6767 Passcode: 7332415#

O, A, T AA Holiday Group

The Holiday Group of Alcoholics Anonymous Meets ONLY on holidays. We are a telephone meeting. We meet from 8AM Pacific/ 11AM Eastern, and are an open meeting. We follow the primary purpose and 12 traditions of A.A. This is a topic meeting. Our hope is to give alcoholics a place to go on holidays when things might be tough, and also to have members be there for them in their time of need.

O, A, T Alaska Statewide Call in AA Meeting

We meet by telephone on Monday, Thursday, and Sunday nights at 5:30 pm Alaska time (9:30 pm Eastern Time). We are a newcomer discussion group. Simply call: 1-515-604-9546.  Wait for prompt. Access Code : 350333 



PHONE NUMBER 712-451-0235  PASS CODE 979634#

Sunday night is a topic meeting
Monday night is a 12&12 meeting, or speaker tape
Tuesday night is As Bill Sees It,
Wednesday night is a topic meeting,
Thursday night is a Big Book study meeting,
Friday night is a topic meeting.

WE are an AA group with no outside interest and follow the 12 Traditions that are outlined in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous.


C, A, T Daily Reprieve Group

The Daily Reprieve Group,#697045, meets at 10 AM ET on Saturdays, Mondays and Wednesdays. The Saturday format is a Big Book meeting, The Monday is a Daily Relections meeting, and the Wednesday is a Step of the month meeting. Our dial-in # for these meetings is 712-432-0950 and the Access code is 932424#. No computer is needed, but Long Distance charges may apply.

O, A, T Good Morning God

-This meeting is everyday and starts at 9am. This is a 55 min meeting focused on improving our conscious contact with our higher power.
-How we do it: we read conference approved literature and 24 h a day, then follows a period of silence for meditation/contemplation. At 9:23 we open the meeting for sharing about Experience, Strength, Hope or a reading.
-To Join our meeting please dial (319) 527-2730 then dial participant code 959544#
Once you have entered the meeting please press *6 to mute yourself. When we announce is sharing time you are welcomed to press *6 to unmute yourself.
-Our email is:


Grateful Alcoholics Worldwide is a AA registered group of members from across the World, that meets every Sunday at 8pm EST on Skype id: grateful.alcoholics. Visit for more info.

O, A, T Hope at Home

Meeting Description: Hope at Home AA telephone meeting is designed to reach out to AA members that can't easily attend a face-to-face meeting but still need a meeting. The meeting is held every Monday at 8:00 pm Central time. The call-in number is (712) 770-4010, access code 688-992. All are welcome to attend.

O, A, T One Day at a Time

We meet by telephone every day at 1pm EST. Join us by calling:

(712) 775-7031 access code 198520#

Mon - Traditions
Tues - Daily Reflections
Wed - Steps
Thurs- Stories in the Big Book
Fri - Big Book
Sat - Speaker/Discussion
Sun - Living Sober

Long distance charges may apply depending on your plan.

C, A, T Radical Maintenance

The Radical Maintenance group is a step meeting focused on steps 10, 11 and 12. We are a closed meeting so our only requirement to attend is a desire to stop drinking. Our main focus is to stay in the solution and maintain emotional sobriety. 

We meet Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 9:30am EST. 

Telephone number 605-475-4821. Pin 757034

O, A, T Sober Voices Group

Call 712-432-0075, pass code 654443#
Sun - BB Study, 10pm EST
Mon - Beginners, 10pm EST
Tue - Vision for You, 10pm EST
Wed - BB Study, 10pm EST
Thu - 12x12, 10pm EST
Fri - Promises/Topic, 10pm/Midnight
Sat - Daily Rflctns/Topic,10pm/Midnight
Everyday - Topic Discussion, 12 Noon EST

Sober Voices does not accept anonymous callers, use *82 to display your phone number.

C, A, AV, T Spark of Hope

Spark of Hope is a closed international online meeting using the Zoom application to host speakers from all around the world. We meet at 10PM EST. Our speaker shares for 15 to 20 minutes on their experience, strength and hope with that topic. 

Zoom meeting # is 641-164-1641
Password is 164

Go to and type in the info above 


Call in by dialing+16699006833 or +14087403766 and punch in the info above.

Email Contact:


Phone number 712-775-7031 code 861676259#
*6 mute and unmute

3:00 pm eastern time . Read preamble, How it works, and Traditions. We read the AA Grapevine. Topic discussion meeting. We try to get new chairman every week.


Visit our Site

O, LI, T The First 164

We meet by phone Mondays, noon EST. To participate, dial (515) 739-1037; when asked for an access code, dial 259095#. Your carrier may charge you for the call.

We study the first 164 pages of A.A.'s Big Book, which is Alcoholics Anonymous's basic text. Those 164 pages discuss the nature of alcoholism, explain A.A.'s program of recovery, and give instructions for using the program.

The meeting is open: everyone welcome! If you are a person with disabilities who needs an interpreter, video relay, or other adaptive technology to share, we welcome that.


C, A, T


This is a literature, slogan and gratitude telephone meeting. Participants read AA literature, AA slogans or gratitude and then share.

To join: The meeting is held at 6:00 pm EST Monday through Sunday.

The telephone number is 712-451-0675 and the Access number is 522178#

C, Women, T Womens Sober Living

This is a literature, slogan, and gratitude meeting. Participants read AA literature or share AA slogans or gratitude lists and then share.

Meetings are held everyday at 7:00 am EST. In order to participate in the meetings, call 515 739-1529 and enter pin number 192390#.

Email Contact:

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Open & Closed Meetings
"Open meetings are available to anyone interested in Alcoholics Anonymous' program of recovery from alcoholism. Nonalcoholics may attend open meetings as observers.

"Closed meetings are for AA members only, or for those who have a drinking problem and 'have a desire to stop drinking.'

(from "The AA Group"; copyright AA World Services, Inc.; reprinted with permission)

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