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Walk the Walk AA

We are geared specifically to those of us with an alcohol problem. While we do acknowledge dual addiction in this meeting, we speak only as they relate to alcoholism.


We Are on Our Way

This is a closed group of recovering women. We have a weekly topic, by taking turns being chairwoman each month. We believe that all areas of our life are important to our sobriety, so we also share off topic. Our group has a maximum capacity of 20 so we can all know each other as sisters should. We meet everyday! 24 hours a day! With new Topics on Monday.

Contact Kristen at the address below for more info.


Women in the Solution (WITS)

WITS is a closed online women's group of Alcoholics Anonymous. Our email meeting has two topics a week. In keeping with AA's singleness of purpose, we confine our discussions to recovery from alcoholism. One topic is taken from material written and approved as AA literature; the second topic is a "General Topic Discussion." All AA-related off topic shares are also welcome. The topics run concurrently, 24/7. Our group adheres to the 12 Steps and the 12 Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous. For all other discussion not directly related to AA, we maintain a separate list (WITS-Coffee Talk) for posting of topics of a more general nature, i.e., other 12-step programs, meditations, general announcements, etc. We also have real-time chat meetings to address issues related to recovery from alcoholism.


Women of Islam

AA group for women of Islam -- faith, cultural heritage, ancestry, immigrant, citizen of USA, or otherwise -- who believe they have a problem with alcohol and need to reach out for help. This is a safe place to find others in a similar situation who have the same religious and cultural barriers to finding support. AA does not question your religious beliefs, nor does it subscribe to them. This group is for women of like minds and religious faith to find a solution and support if they think they have a drinking problem.


Women Of Legacy

We believe that the fellowship of AA as well as our own individual recovery is the result of a rich history of legacies. Our fellowship, meetings, and members are all a part of the living legacy of AA and those who came before us. Our group, Women of Legacy, has grown from our commitment and responsibility, to honor and cherish our legacies, as members of AA. We believe that AA, our own recovery and the recovery of those still to come depends on individuals and members nurturing these legacies as we grow. We believe that together as individuals, friends, sponsors, sponsees, in meetings and as a sober fellowship, our legacy is in our hands. We also see that we are part of a larger legacy. One that came before us and that will be here once we are gone. So, it is with the 12 Steps and 12 Traditions of AA that we have made this commitment to each other,to the program of AA and all who wish to join us, to be Women of Legacy.



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