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Old Farts AA Thread Meeting

We are a group that knows that AA works with Alcoholics to get and stay sober. We are folks that need the companionship of others in recovery.
We want to be a fellowship that truly can laugh and cry with you. We also have topics and really laid-back AA meetings where we can also chew the fat and still be happy joyous and free.


On awakening 11 step

This is a 30 min meeting, focused on improving our conscious contact with
our Higher Power as we understand Higher Power. We read only AA Conference approved
literature on topics related to practicing the 11 step . Then, follows a period of silence/meditation
until 9:55 EST. At 9:55 EST the meeting will be opened for anyone who would like to share their
experience, strength and hope.
How to join our meeting: 1) Dial (712) 770-4005 then dial the participant access code 659407
Once you have entered your meeting. Please press *6 to mute yourself. You are welcomed to press *6 to unmute yourself when you wish to share your experience, strength and hope.


One Day at a Time

We meet by telephone every day at 1pm EST. Join us by calling:

(712) 775-7031 access code 198520#

Mon - Traditions
Tues - Daily Reflections
Wed - Steps
Thurs- Stories in the Big Book
Fri - Big Book
Sat - Speaker/Discussion
Sun - Living Sober

Long distance charges may apply depending on your plan.


One Day at a Time AA Group

Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, discussing
a chosen topic



An online AA email group that shares its experience, strength, and hope with each other so that we may achieve sobriety one day at a time.



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The Online Intergroup aids its member groups in their common purpose
of carrying the AA message to the alcoholic who still suffers.
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