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Meeting of the Minds Group

Meeting of the Minds Group (MOMS) is a closed email meeting with one of the 12 Steps being a topic every other week; chairperson's choice in the alternating weeks. Meeting begins on Sunday with the opening post by the monthly topic chairperson.


Military 12x12

A worldwide closed 24/7 meeting: for military veterans and GIs in uniform whose privacy must be protected under OPSEC-type conditions.

  1. An e-mail help and discussion forum, purposefully without any website that might be compromised.

  2. We take it as a given that military life is an experience often 100% impossible to share in civilian AA groups.

  3. We focus on the 12 & 12 for guidance, although all AA-related matters are open for discussion -- with emphasis on military personnel, history, culture, experience, strength, and unique recovery challenges.

  4. Each January we begin with Step and Tradition 1, then take the next consecutive ones each month, ending with Step and Tradition 12 each December.

  5. The meeting was founded and is moderated by a Vietnam-era vet who has been active in AA and numerous general military websites since 2001.

  6. Language common to the duty shack and bunker is tolerated, but flaming is not and will immediately result in barracks justice.
To join or for information, write to Mike B or to Rick W at the address below.



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